Thursday, June 26, 2014

Total expose

A few seasons designers try timidly to convince us to wear short jackets. Now this trend has exploded. From Miuccia Prada to McQuuen or Alexander Wang, all reinterpreted the bustier in a fresh manner.

Exposed midfits have been flexed for several seasons now, and spring/summer 2014 sees the trend explode. Elegant for evening or playful with matching shorts for summer days, never has there been a more attractive summer diverse offering of crop tops. The absolute rule: matching tops or bras suit and bottom. matching top and bottom halves takes the look beyond mere lingerie. Bra suits anyone?

Are feminine, sexy, delicate and act in the open. Sure, you should not leave the impression that you're out on the street in your underwear. Inspire yourself from Prada styling for a sporty look, and the one by Dolce & Gabbana for a retro-glamor
Tip: wear them over a shirt or combined with unpredictable tracks: grunge shirt, a jacket or a collage jacket or am xxs cashmere cardigan thrown shoulders.

The pairing of elegant skirt and bra top gives ladylike dressing a deliciously subversive spin.
Go plain and lacy or bold and bright, but above all go matching. A cohesive ensemble says considered and intentional cool.

Micro-wind-cheaters can be sporty, or conversely, one style. All about the model you choose. I suggest you instead of statement heels, the sneakers (do not forget, Rihanna wore a classic and elegant Givenchy suit with a pair of sneakers) ultracolorate sandals or masculine shoes.

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