Thursday, June 5, 2014

Glossy Bronze Makeup

MODELS at the spring/summer 2014 shows were the very picture of health, with sun-kissed skin, flushed cheeks and warm tones giving them a just-back-from-holiday glow as they showed off the season's new collections.
Kardashian-style contouring this was not - instead summer's glow is a natural-looking wash of subtle colour across noses, cheeks, temples and brows, giving models a healthy, outdoorsy look that seems casual rather than contrived.
References ranged from "Ibiza party girls fallen asleep on the beach" at Topshop Unique to "woodland nymphs" at JW Anderson, whilst freckles were drawn onto the noses of selected models at Emilio Pucci for a youthful look speaking of days spent in the sun or dancing at festivals.
And the eyelids makeup came in warm shades of chocolate, bronze, gold or copper, creamy and have a wet look. The new waterproof formula does not gather on the eye and hold a lot more on the beach. In addition, the metallic creates the illusion of fresh makeup.

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